What blog posts are in my drafts?

This blog entry is for those poor unfortunate posts that never saw the light of day. Currently I have five posts in bloggers limbo for various reasons. 


Nose Piercing at Tribal Body Art – Edinburgh 

It's been a long time since I got a piercing. Years in fact. When I was younger I had quite a few but as I got older and found big girl jobs I removed them all. So it took me by surprise when at 2am last night I was looking for recommendations for piercing studios in Edinburgh because I wanted my nose pierced.

If I Was Rich Wish List

If I was rich I’d take a trip to London and go mental in Harrods. I went once and bought an eyeliner just so I could say I’d shopped there. Today I thought I’d peruse the Harrods website and make a wish list of all the things I’d want if I was rich.

Introducing Burgh Blogger

This isn't my first shot at blogging. I used to write under a different name about all sorts of things and people would read it and they would even enjoy it! Unfortunately it was very public and easy to find out who the woman behind the blog was. As a teacher this is a big no no. Can't have kids knowing their teachers have lives now can we?

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