Project Skinny Summer – Healthy Breakfast Recipes

I'm currently on holiday for the summer and have had plenty of time to cook good healthy meals. I've been using the Smart Recipes app from Change4Life which is a campaign run by the NHS to get the people of the UK to be food smart. In this post I'm going to show you the breakfast recipes I've followed from the app and share my thoughts on them. 


Project Skinny Summer – Week 1 Results

So how did my first week go? First I'll give detailed explanations of my diet and exercise for the week then I'll end by sharing my current weight and inches lost. 

Project Skinny Summer – My Takeaway Addiction

In the past month my partner and I have spent over £130 on takeaway food. That's only if you count the orders from Just Eat. If I go onto my Just Eat app right now there are 8 different orders from chip shops and Chinese takeaways. I know I've also ordered things from Pizza Hut and Dominoes this month. That probably boosts my takeaway spending to over £160.

Project Skinny Summer

Project Skinny Summer is what I'm calling the self imposed health kick I'm going to be going on this summer. I'm a teacher so I've got six weeks off work to focus on getting fit and losing a bit of weight. 

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