Cafe at the Palace – Afternoon Tea

Today I had afternoon tea fit for a queen. At least that's what I told myself as fellow blogger Juniper Daze and I walked into Cafe by the Palace. That's Holyrood Palace by the way, the official residence of the Queen in Scotland.  Situated in Edinburgh at the bottom of the Royal Mile or right... Continue Reading →


Stobo Castle Hotel & Spa – Food 

If you've read my previous post then you know that my boyfriend and I recently spent the night at the luxurious hotel and spa Stobo Castle. Whilst there we had dinner, breakfast and lunch. I took pictures of everything I ate and I'm here to share those pictures with you now. I know that people of my generation get made fun of for taking pictures of their food but honestly I love it. I love seeing what people have eaten. I've no idea why!

Project Skinny Summer – Healthy Breakfast Recipes

I'm currently on holiday for the summer and have had plenty of time to cook good healthy meals. I've been using the Smart Recipes app from Change4Life which is a campaign run by the NHS to get the people of the UK to be food smart. In this post I'm going to show you the breakfast recipes I've followed from the app and share my thoughts on them. 

Project Skinny Summer – My Takeaway Addiction

In the past month my partner and I have spent over £130 on takeaway food. That's only if you count the orders from Just Eat. If I go onto my Just Eat app right now there are 8 different orders from chip shops and Chinese takeaways. I know I've also ordered things from Pizza Hut and Dominoes this month. That probably boosts my takeaway spending to over £160.

Restaurant Review – Monterey Jacks Stirling

Stirling is my old stomping ground. I spent many a night out there whilst I attended the local university. Last weekend I found myself back there looking for somewhere to grab food and drinks. It had been a really sunny day and it was a Saturday night so the town was heaving.

Diet Cajun Chicken Pasta

I was once a member of Slimming World and tried out a bunch of different recipes that adhere to the diets guidelines. The Cajun Chicken Pasta dish I made was divine so I thought I’d write up how I did it.

Spoon Cafe & Bistro – Edinburgh  

Spoon was the first stop during my "Harry Potter" day in Edinburgh recently. It happens to stand in the same place as the cafe that JK Rowling wrote parts of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. This post is going to focus specifically on the food and experience offered by Spoon the cafe and bistro and not Spoon the place where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

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