Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This post is full of SPOILERS. I booked my tickets for The Last Jedi in October. Now two months later I finally got to see it. I went to a midnight showing at Cineworld in Edinburgh and it was rammed. It was fun to stand in the queue for popcorn next to a couple of X-wing pilots. 


Murder on the Orient Express – Review

Kenneth Branagh stars in and directs this adaptation of the famous Agatha Christie novel. I've not read the book or seen any other adaptation of the story so this was my first experience of the mustachioed Belgian detective. 

Wonder Woman 

What do you do when you're alone on a Saturday night? You book yourself into the cinema to go and see Wonder Woman. I, much like Diana Prince herself, am a strong and powerful woman - solo cinema trips don't faze me.

Worst Movies of 2016

***This post first appeared on my old blog which I have since had to delete.*** 2016 was a stinker of a year guys. There were some films I liked but mostly I found myself looking back longingly at 2015 when greats like The Martian and Mad Max: Fury Road came out and were put firmly onto... Continue Reading →

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