This isn’t my first shot at blogging. I used to write under a different name about all sorts of things and people would read it and they would even enjoy it! Unfortunately it was very public and easy to find out who the woman behind the blog was. As a teacher this is a big no no. Can’t have kids knowing their teachers have lives now can we?

So I’m back undercover. Burgh Blogger is my new alias. Burgh Blogger is to me what a pair of glasses are to Super Man. It is my secret identity. Behind Burgh Blogger I can continue to write blog posts about every whim and fancy that crosses my mind without the worry of someone in my professional life catching on.

So what can you expect from this blog? You can expect to see posts on the things that interest me most. Perhaps a review of a restaurant in Edinburgh? That’s where I live by the way. Hence the Burgh in Burgh Blogger. Maybe I’ll share my opinion on the latest video game? I’m a massive geek you know. You’ll definitely hear about my on going weight loss journey and my newly found passion for pole dancing. No really. I pole dance.

So welcome one and all to Burgh Blogger. It’s nice to meet you and I hope you stick around.

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