Madame Peaches Pole Dancing in Edinburgh

Madame Peaches pole dancing school is located within St Margaret’s House on London Road. They offer weekly pole classes split into Beginner, Intermediate and Advance ability groups. To enhance your pole experience you could also try the Flexibility, Floor Work or Strength and Body Conditioning classes on offer.


The atmosphere at Madame Peaches is welcoming and encouraging. The beginner level classes are open to anyone of any ability or size. I joined as an utterly inactive couch potato and now I work out at least four times a week. I can do push ups now! Kind of.

A six week course at either Beginner, Intermediate or Advance level costs £42. The classes last for 75 minutes each and that gives you plenty time for pole as well as the required warm up and cool down. In each class the teacher will have you complete some strength and conditioning exercises that are important for improving your technique. After that they’ll take the class through some new moves. You’ll have plenty time to practice and the teacher will give you some 1-2-1 time if you need it. Depending on how busy the class is you could have a pole to yourself or be sharing with up to two other people.

The supplementary courses (Get Flexy!, Strength and Body Conditioning, Floor Work) cost £30 and also come in six week blocks. I’ve tried all of them except Floor Work. Get Flexy! is very popular and, I think, a requirement if you want to pull off particularly impressive moves. I attended for two terms but I didn’t practice or stretch enough between classes. Flex requires a level of dedication that I couldn’t muster.

Strength and Conditioning is an exercise class described on the Madame Peaches website as including – “HIIT exercises, Body weight (individual and partner) exercises, Stability exercises for shoulder and core, Pole conditioning.” All I know is that it is the hardest I work all week. I wore my FitBit once and I burned 342 calories. That’s more than a cheeseburger from McDonald’s.

I almost forgot to mention Spinning Pole! Most of the moves and tricks you learn in the normal classes are done on a static pole. At Spinning Pole though, you guessed it, the pole spins! It is a well known fact that everything looks better and more elegant on spinning pole. Like all the others this runs for six weeks. It’s mixed ability and the instructor will make sure you are challenged.

#stayfresh (1).png

So the classes on offer at Madame Peaches are great. That’s not the only good thing about being a peach though. They have an active and super supportive members only Facebook group, ample parking, plenty of poles and everyone there is utterly utterly lovely!

If you are looking for a place to pole then I couldn’t recommend Madame Peaches enough! You can check out their timetable here. Once you’ve joined make sure to say hi to the girl working harder at getting pole pictures than doing the actual pole moves. That’ll be me.



7 thoughts on “Madame Peaches Pole Dancing in Edinburgh

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  1. Oh wow! Takes some serious flexibility to get into positions like that! I wouldn’t be able to move for a week if I tried, haha!
    I love how artistic, sporty and dazzling pole dancing actually is, and not just a taboo subject that seems to cover the stereotype.

    Carly xx

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  2. It looks like so much fun and this is a really well written review! If I was in Edinburgh I’d definitely consider going there (if I got the all clear from my physio). You look great in the photos and as though you are having a good time. 🙂

    V ❤

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