Stobo Castle Hotel & Spa – Food 

If you’ve read my previous post then you know that my boyfriend and I recently spent the night at the luxurious hotel and spa Stobo Castle. Whilst there we had dinner, breakfast and lunch. I took pictures of everything I ate and I’m here to share those pictures with you now. I know that people of my generation get made fun of for taking pictures of their food but honestly I love it. I love seeing what people have eaten. I’ve no idea why!

Disclaimer – I am not one of those bloggers who takes great pride in their photographs. All my blog posts are taken on my iPhone and most don’t even have filters on them. I like to think it adds to the charm of my blog.



To start I had the chicken salad. Two slices of chicken breast on a chunky tomato sauce with a side of salad and asparagus. I like how it looked on the plate and it was really tasty too. I’m not a “salad person” but I’d order this again.
For the main course I picked steak. You had to pay a little bit extra to have the steak but it was worth it. The batter on my onion rings was really dry and quite unpleasant. The steak itself was nice though.
The steak came with chips, onion rings and a side of veg which I thought was very generous. You definitely won’t go hungry at Stobo.
Desert was a delicious salted caramel chocolate tart. When you cut into the tart there is a thick layer of salty caramel that oozes out. I’m drooling!


Breakfast is buffet style with the option of ordering eggs from a menu. I love a buffet. A lot. This one had tattie scones so it was a winner for me. No haggis though which was disappointing! There were cooked options like you see here as well as fruit, cereal, yogurt, and pastries. 


By the time lunch on my second day came round I had already a three course dinner the night before and a buffet breakfast so I started small this time. To start I just had a wee fruit salad.
Main was a veggie lasagna. Super cheesy but honestly not that remarkable. Very meh.
For desert I ordered lemon posset. I loved the way it was presented with the berries and shortbread. Cute!


These are called Flirtinis and they were bloody delicious. I ended up ordering a second one later on in the evening after I’d sampled a few of the other cocktails. I can’t remember what was in it but just know it was good.
20289729_10155574115969605_1394263981_n (1)
I don’t remember what this cocktail was called but I do remember that it tasted really strongly of gin. So much in fact that I had to force myself to drink half then ask the bartender to top it up with lemonade. Turns out I’m not a huge fan of gin!
20289819_10155574116189605_1734414393_n (1)
This was a very tropical tasting cocktail. It tasted almost like a pina colada. It reminded me of sitting by the pool in Spain. 



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