Stobo Castle Hotel & Spa – Review

My boyfriend and I stayed for one night at Stobo Castle to celebrate our five year anniversary and we had a great time!

We pulled up into the grounds of the impressive castle just before 3pm on a Wednesday and were checked in straight away. A friendly member of staff showed us to our room, The Stanhope, and from there we were free to spend the next 21 hours in total luxury.

Our room was in the main castle and was called The Stanhope.

We booked the Revitalising Break which meant we got our room for one night, three meals and full use of the spa facilities. I paid extra to ensure we had a room with a bath and we also booked ourselves full body massages. Overall we paid £480. Very pricey but it was a special occasion and it’s good to pamper yourself once in a while!

Once we had been checked in and dumped our bags we went for a wander around the grounds. The castle itself is beautiful but if you have time you really must walk down the drive way to the Japanese Water Gardens. We had the luck of visiting on a beautiful sunny day so walking down by the river was wonderful.

So many amazing photo opportunities at the Japanese water gardens.

Our massages were booked in for 4.30 so we retired to our rooms to get into our robes. Robes, slippers and towels are all provided for you. Despite appearances the castle is quite casual and walking around in your robe, even at breakfast or lunch time is totally fine.

My masseuse spoke with me before the treatment to decide where on my body to focus. In the end I got a full body massage with particular focus on my forearms and hamstrings. The massage was amazing and there were definitely moments where I could have drifted off to sleep. Afterwards my masseuse gave me the advice of making sure to stretch out my forearms before exercising (I had told her of my love of pole dancing) as they were very tight. Not doing so could lead to hand pain and carpal tunnel. I consider myself well warned!

Everyone has to try these bubble chairs that look out over the pool.

For the rest of the night until dinner we indulged in the spa. We had the pool, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, a dry steam room (which was out of order on the first day but working the next morning), a wet steam room and a relaxation suite to use as we wished. The spa was not busy at all and so we were able to try out everything on offer without issue.

We would occasionally drag ourselves away from the pool to grab a cocktail. I can recommend the Flirtini as it was my favourite. For drinks all night and snacks we only spent £60 or so which I thought was pretty decent.

Dessert for dinner was a salted caramel tart. Delicious!

After the spa we got dressed and had some dinner. I’m going to do a separate post to show off all the food that I ate whilst at the castle so be sure to check that out. The dinner service was a little strange. There was a wine list on the table but neither of us like wine. The waitress asked if we would like wine and we said no. Before we could ask for other drinks she was off! We weren’t sure if she had forgotten to ask or if there was simply no option of anything other than wine with dinner. The food was good and the service was quick which is what you want when you have a hot tub waiting for you.

The next morning we headed to breakfast and took our pick from the buffet. There are few things I love more in the world than a buffet and this one had tattie scones! After breakfast we spent another few hours at the spa. It was a sunny day so I lay in one of the lounge chairs by the pool and finished my book. The chairs are sat by large windows that looked out onto the grounds and it felt glorious to have the sun shining in on me.

After that it was time for lunch and then to say goodbye! I didn’t want to leave and if I had a spare few hundred pounds I’d have been very tempted to stay for another night. Stobo is only an hour away from my own house but it just feels so nice to get away and not have to worry about things like cooking dinner or having clean towels.

Disclaimer – Stobo Castle didn’t pay me to write this review and they don’t even know I’m doing it. I really enjoyed my stay and just wanted to share. With that being said, Stobo if you are reading this then feel free to invite me back! Please!


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