Gravity – Trampoline Park in Edinburgh

Gravity is a new trampoline park that opened up in Edinburgh recently and as someone who’s always looking for a way to burn calories without having to go to the gym I signed up straight away. 

Myself and my boyfriend signed up for forty minutes of climbing and then an hour of trampolining straight after. When we arrived at the indoor park, which is in Fountainpark right by Cineworld, it was full of kids. We were almost certainly the only adults there who didn’t have a child with them. 

We had booked our tickets and signed our safety waivers online so when we arrived all we had to do was go to the desk and collect our wristbands. The wristbands are in a variety of colours and indicate to the staff there when your sessions start and end. 

This picture is not from the Edinburgh centre but the climbing walls there are very similar. Pictures found on Google.

Climbing was first and I was feeling pretty stupid waiting in line at the brightly coloured climbing walls watching tiny little kids storm up and down the walls with ease. Clearly this was for kids and we were going to embarrass ourselves by trying something that was obviously going to be really easy. Well. That’s not what happened. After getting my harness on and listening to the safety briefing a member of staff clipped me into a wall of my choosing. 

The walls are all different and come with their own challenges. One had circular cut outs like a block of cheese whilst another had ropes instead of hand and foot holds. If you are finding them too easy you can try them again but up the challenge by only using a certain colour of foothold or even by climbing with your eyes shut. 

I didn’t need to worry about upping the challenge though because it turns out I’m terrified of heights. Who knew? I struggled one third of the way up one of the walls and then had the overwhelming desire to come back down. The problem is to come back down you have to let go of the wall and push yourself off. Terrifying! 

Honestly once I got over the fear of jumping off and stopped being such a wimp I had a blast. Yes the six year old next to me was faster and more agile but that didn’t matter. I focused on myself and trying to achieve my own goals. Sometimes that meant making it to the top of a wall and other times it meant timing myself and trying to go faster each time.

If you are thinking of taking your child climbing then I say go for it. Every kid I saw there was having a lot of fun. As an adult I would recommend it if you want to try out climbing but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a beginners course at a proper climbing studio. The climbing cost under £10 for forty minutes at Gravity which I think is pretty decent. Since attending the climbing walls at Gravity I have actually signed up for a beginners course at Alien Rock now that I know I’m not going to have a panic attack half way up a wall.

After our climbing session we had twenty minutes to spare before our trampoline session started. We wanted to use that time to get a drink and refuel as climbing is hard work. The vending machine was broken however which is disappointing considering the business has only been operating for two days by this point. There were other little annoyances like the lift not working and the mirror in the ladies bathroom appearing to be held up by duct tape. 

Again not the Edinburgh centre but the trampoline park is similar to the one shown above. Pictures found on Google.

As our trampoline session was about to start we were herded in front of a TV screen to watch a safety video, which we had already viewed online, then we were guided through a warm up. The area where the warm ups take place is not big enough or at least not for someone with fully grown limbs like me. I came close to accidentally slapping a few children during star jumps. It also isn’t easy to hear the staff member over the loud music. When he asked everyone to raise their hands if they knew the rules I’m sure people just raised their hands because that’s what the others were doing.

After the warm up you are released into the trampoline park and the children descend upon it like a crowd of zombies. The adults meandered around the sides and I tried to find an unoccupied trampoline so that I didn’t accidentally knee a kid in the face. 

There is lots to do in the trampoline park:

  • Little square trampolines to jump or practice tricks (if you know any).
  • Long trampolines for rolls, cart wheels and flips. 
  • Trampolines on the walls for bouncing off of. 
  • A volleyball net set over trampolines for a volleyball/dodgeball game.
  • A rope ladder over an air bag that you can try to crawl over. (I tried and failed twice.)
  • A balancing beam that two people stand on and try to knock each other off using big battering ram things straight out of gladiators. 
  • Quick reflex games where you have to press the right buttons against the clock but some are up high and you’ll have to jump to reach them.
  • Basket ball hoops above trampolines to make all your slam dunk dreams come true. 
  • A giant air bag to jump into. It feels like jumping into a cloud. I loved it.

There are staff members situated around the park to watch over various activities (the giant air bag and balancing beam in particular) and many stationed throughout just to keep an eye on things and make sure everyone is following the rules. Whilst I was there I didn’t witness any reckless behaviour from anyone and everything generally felt under control. 

We paid for a full hour but after forty minutes we were exhausted and decided to leave. Maybe it was the climbing before hand or the fact that I’m a slightly overweight adult woman and not an energetic six year old. Despite leaving early we had an absolute blast and wouldn’t mind going again.

They run fitness classes which I am tempted to try out as well as a “night club” with disco lights and loud music. 

So if you have kids definetly take them to Gravity. If you don’t have kids there is nothing stopping you going either as long as you take care and don’t mind being out numbered by children that are faster, fitter and more agile than you.

Disclaimer – Gravity did not pay me to write this review. They don’t even know I’m doing it. I just enjoyed my visit and wanted to share! 


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