Project Skinny Summer – Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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Whilst the main goal of Project Skinny Summer is to lose weight I also want to clean up my eating habits. We already know about my penchant for take away food and I regularly eat heavily processed non-nutritious meals.

I’m currently on holiday for the summer and have had plenty of time to cook good healthy meals. I’ve been using the Smart Recipes app from Change4Life which is a campaign run by the NHS to get the people of the UK to be food smart. You can download the app onto your phone and find all the recipes there.

In this post I’m going to show you the breakfast recipes I’ve followed from the app and share my thoughts on them.


This is the first recipe I used from the app. It’s British style thin pancakes with apples glazed in a sugar and lemon syrup. I don’t have a good relationship with pancakes but these ones turned out as some of the best I’ve ever made! I managed to make four perfect pancakes with this recipe.

The apples turned out to be very lemony and sour enough to make you do that squishy face as if you’ve just taken a bite out of a fresh lemon. I’d make the pancakes again but I’d give the apples a miss.


This recipe isn’t technically from the app. The pancake was left over from the previous night and I just added some lean bacon. The good thing about the app is that every recipe makes enough for four portions. That means if you live in a two person household like me you can double up the portions for a bigger meal or you’ll have left overs for the next day.

The pancakes were fine in the fridge overnight and I just heated them up under the grill in the morning.


This is my favorite of all the recipes I’ve used from the app. It’s essentially a tomato, bell pepper, spring onion and cheese omelette in a wholegrain tortilla wrap. Simple but so good. I made four, wrapped the extras in tin foil and stored them in the fridge. Each morning I’d heat and crisp them up under the grill. I was still eating them three days after I’d originally made them and they tasted as fresh and as yummy as they did on day one.


This recipe provided an easy way to get some veggies in the morning. It’s onion and tomato spiced with paprika on toast with a boiled egg. I found this meal nice and savory and also very filling. The app suggests adding chili if you’d like a bit of a kick and I did just that. Delicious!

One tip for reducing the calories in these recipes even more is to not use oil. The app uses vegetable oil but I swapped this out for low-calorie cooking spray which worked just as well.


This is the most impressive looking of all the meals I’ve made so far but it wasn’t necessarily my favorite. It’s a nice spin on french toast by using fruit filled bread but the bread I was using was very orangey and this overpowered the vanilla flavor that the recipe is trying to give.

I used a mix of frozen berries and fresh bananas. As the frozen berries defrosted I drizzled the toast with the juice. The fruit juice acted like a runnier fruit compote and was really nice to dip the toast in.

The app has a lot of different recipes on it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks. I’ve still got lots to try out so I’ll keep using it throughout Project Skinny Summer and beyond. If you are on a health kick or just looking to clean up your eating like me then I’d highly recommend you use the app. I’ve found it really useful and it’s made cooking meals a lot more fun lately.


I was not asked to review the app or any of the recipes in this post. I just liked the app and thought I’d share it.



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