Project Skinny Summer – Week 1 Results

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This time last week I kicked off Project Skinny Summer. This project is a way for me to focus in on my health goals and work a little bit harder during my summer holidays to get to where I want to be. By the time I go back to work in August I want to:

  1. Weigh under 170lbs.
  2. Work out 5 times a week.
  3. Eat a healthy and sustainable diet.

So how did my first week go? First I’ll give detailed explanations of my diet and exercise for the week then I’ll end by sharing my current weight and inches lost.


In terms of eating I didn’t do as well as would have liked considering it was the very first week. This is where my control and motivation should be at its highest but I had a few days where I didn’t meet my goals.

I had decided to stick to a daily limit of 1700 calories. This is a fairly generous amount of calories to eat when I compare it to my weight loss attempts in the past and so it should be easy to eat within my goals and not feel hungry.

  • Sunday – 1669 calories 
  • Monday – 1706 calories (still counting this as a goal reach as it is only 6 over.)
  • Tuesday – 3239 calories (I went to Glasgow and had dinner and drinks with friends. I also went to the cinema and had treats there which skyrocketed my calories for the day.)
  • Wednesday – 2062 calories (This was meant to be an on plan day but I forgot to order skimmed milk in my tea in the morning so it was all downhill from there!)
  • Thursday – 1241 calories (I cut my daily calorie intake down by quite a bit to make up for the previous two days of excess.)
  • Friday – 1280 calories (still trying to make up for Tuesday and Wednesday.)
  • Saturday – 2001 calories (I went to Nandos with a friend and couldn’t say no to the piri-piri chips.)

So only 4/7 days were on track with my calorie goals. Not a great start! I did promise that when documenting Project Skinny Summer I would be 100% honest. If that means I have to share with you how badly it goes then so be it!


  • Sunday – 1 hour pole dance training. During these training sessions I work on what ever I want. I will sweat and get up my heart rate a little but it is not an exhaustive workout.
  • Monday – 1 hour pole dance training.
  • Tuesday – Nothing. I missed my Strength and Conditioning class in favor of a concert. This is usually my most active work out of the week so it’s important that I make this.
  • Wednesday – Nothing but I did walk the dog for an hour.
  • Thursday – 55 minute flexibility class and 1 hour and 15 minute pole class.
  • Friday – 1 hour 10 minute gym workout. See it in detail here.
  • Saturday – 1 hour pole dance training.

So I achieved my goal of five work outs a week. I’m particularly happy that I went to the gym to make up for my missed Strength and Conditioning class. This is exactly the kind of good habit that I want to get into by the end of this journey.


Week 1 Weight

Losing only a pound in the first week is disappointing but not surprising considering how badly I stuck to my diet. If I continue to lose a pound a week I won’t make my final goal but I would still lose a decent amount of weight. One pound a week is, I feel, a healthy and sustainable amount of weight to lose so I’m not unhappy with my progress this week.

black is my color (2).png

I don’t expect to see drastic changes in my inches within a week. As you can see I’m smaller in some places and larger in others. There are a few things to be aware of though when it comes to measuring myself. I started my period this week and so this might affect my body shape in terms of bloating etc. Also I am at the mercy of my boyfriends measuring skills and I’m not entirely sure he’s qualified for the job.

So there you have it. A very detailed run through of how the first week of Project Skinny Summer went. I’m feeling good about myself and I am determined to do better next week.

I’m not sure if this is even interesting for people to read but I personally find the whole process quite therapeutic so I’ll keep doing them. If there is anything you think I could do to improve these types of posts then please comment and let me know.


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