Project Skinny Summer – Back To The Gym

For Project Skinny Summer I am aiming to work out 5 times a week. This week I attended a concert in Glasgow (which ended up being canceled!) so I missed my usual Tuesday night Strength and Conditioning class. To make up for this workout I went back to the gym for the first time in 8 months.

I am a member of Xercise4Less in Edinburgh mostly due to how cheap membership is – £12 a month. I sporadically attended the gym last year and would follow a workout plan called “Get Trim”. This fitness planned is offered by Xercise4Less and is designed to help you lose weight. I used to follow this plan as best as I could but some of the exercises were too difficult for me. Well not anymore!


You can see in the picture above all of the exercises and a rating from 1-10. 1 means that they were super easy and 10 means I managed it but it almost killed me. Things like Ab Crunches and Leg Raises I do regularly as part of my pole dancing and so I found these a lot easier than I used to. What also helps is that I am comfortable with these exercises and don’t feel self conscious or that I might be doing them wrong. The hardest part of the gym isn’t the physicality of it. It’s the fear of people judging you! I seem to be over that for the most part.

Planks and Push Ups I found extremely difficult but I’m still counting them as wins as I couldn’t even hold a plank for thirty seconds until now.  My push ups are still little half push ups on my knees but they are better than nothing.

I might up the weight on the lateral pull down machine for next time as I found those relatively easy.

Another surprisingly difficult part of the work out is how boring the twenty minutes of cardio at the end is. I ended up doing five minutes on the rowing machine as this at least works my arms. The rest I split between the bike and treadmill. The fact that I can run a full five minutes as if it is nothing is insane to me because before I would literally run then walk in 10 second intervals whilst my heart pounded through my chest.


So all in all my visit to the gym was positive. It made me realise how far I’ve come in terms of my fitness in the last year and I think I actually enjoyed it. That’s right. I enjoyed my time at the gym.

Who even am I anymore?


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