Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum – My Top Picks

What should have been a day spent in bed nursing a hangover turned into a sober day full of free time thanks to the Green Day concert being cancelled the night before. 

With my new found freedom  I decided to explore Glasgows Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

In my opinion the exhibits are more interesting than those found in The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh but the Kelvingrove isn’t as well looked after. The interactive exhibits were broken when I arrived, I noticed lots of empty displays and things like peeling labels gave the place a bit of a run down feel.

I took some pictures of the displays I found most interesting and thought I’d share them here. 

This was described as a harpy. Some kind of woman/bird hybrid. She looked badass.
I love how sculptors can turn a block of marble into something so beautiful. On this sculpture I like the veil the most.

My Papa used to pain spit fires so I have a soft spot in my heart for them. Whenever I see one I think of him.
The Christ of St John on the Cross by Dali is the most powerful painting in the museum. There is a lot of interesting history behind this painting. If you visit it today you can see the repair work done to it after someone threw a rock through it.
This painting felt very Disney to me. I’m getting Princess and the frog vibes.
Creepy hanging faces.
I love period dramas and one of the reasons is the clothing. I think this style of clothing is so beautiful. Nothing in my entire wardrobe is as detailed or intricate as the dress in this picture.
I’m one of these people that doesn’t “get” art. Sometimes I’ll look at a paining and think “Yep I like that” but most of the time I’m pretty indifferent. This painting is one of those times where I am just baffled. I’m sure people have said it a million times but this painting looks like a child painted it in ten minutes. I appreciate though that this painting is the one I thought most about which is probably what makes it art.
I loved this painting. It was so soothing to just stare into it. It looked as though the horizon was miles out of reach and the water just kept on going. I really really like this.
A haggis! This is set out in a display with lots of other Scottish wildlife. I love that a tourist might accept this as real.
What is it about antlered animals that looks so bad ass? There was a PS2 game called Primal and the lead character was a girl who could grow horns on her head. Maybe I just want to be her?
The taxidermy at the museum is particularly impressive. This wolf looked alive. I expected it to open its mouth and snarl at me at any moment.
I thought this elk statue looked really majestic and commanding. King of the forest.
I love how powerful this display is. The tiger is missing it’s back half to symbolise the loss of tigers in the wild. Only 5000 exist in the wild today. Tragic.
I love dinosaurs. The Land Before Time was a favourite of mine as a kid and so I love to see dinosaur skeletons in museums. One of my biggests regrets is not waiting in line to see the dino display at the Natural History Museum in London.


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  1. Just wanted to say I loved your commentary on these photos, your outlook makes me smile. I think I’m with you on the dinner art, I too often don’t get the whole gushing over modern art which sometimes appears so basic.

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