Nose Piercing at Tribal Body Art – Edinburgh 

It’s been a long time since I got a piercing. Years in fact. When I was younger I had quite a few but as I got older and found big girl jobs I removed them all. So it took me by surprise when at 2am last night I was looking for recommendations for piercing studios in Edinburgh because I wanted my nose pierced. 

I love the look of a thin hoop in a persons nostril and that is what I suddenly desired. Maybe it was the late hour or maybe it’s that weird carefree feeling that summer holidays give you. Whatever it was, it made me pick the piercing place and set out the bus fare for a trip into town the next day.

I had posted in the Edinburgh Girl Crew Facebook group (a great group for finding friends if your a girl in The Burgh) looking for recommendations. Of the seven replies that I got six recommended Tribal Body Art on Canongate so that was good enough for me.

I browsed their website that night and read up on their FAQ. As it turns out I needed no appointment for a piercing and I could just show up. So that’s what I did. Hoped on the bus the next day and took the short walk from North Bridge to the studio. It’s located right next door to Mimi’s Bakehouse by the way. Must resist! 

I was struck straight away by how tidy and clean the studio was which is what you want in a place that’s going to be giving you what are essentially open wounds. When I arrived there were two women at the desk who said hello to me as soon as I stepped through the door. I really appreciated this as going to new places where I don’t know what to expect can make me a little anxious. I asked for what I wanted and Sarah at the desk had me fill out a form looking for my consent and asking basic medical health questions. 

Now came time to pick the jewellery. As it turns out I couldn’t get the thin gold hoop I envisaged because when your nose is first pierced you must use bigger jewellery as the wound might swell.  I settled on a clear faux crystal twisty stud. 

Once I’d picked my stud I was instructed to take a seat whilst Sarah set up the piercing studio. The piercing room is a small room separate from the waiting area and the tattoo room so if you are a fan of privacy this will suit you. Before I’d even had time to check in on Facebook I was called through to the room.

I sat down and Sarah marked on my nose with a pen. Once I’d approved of its placement she talked me through the procedure. She was going to stick a metal tube up my nose to catch the needle once it pierced me, my eyes would water and it wouldn’t hurt terribly. She had me take a big breathe in and on the exhale she shoved the needle through my nose. It stung and my eyes began watering immediately. There were a few more seconds of fiddling about and then we were done. No more pain and just a tiny bit of blood. 

I left the room and paid £22 for the piercing and jewellery (they do have student discount but sadly I am not a student anymore). I received a leaflet with aftercare instructions and Sarah invited me to come back any time if I needed help or had any questions. With that I was on my way.

Now that all sounds like a huge event but I was literally in the studio for under ten minutes. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out it was clear that this place is run like a well oiled machine. The quickness was of a huge benefit to me as I didn’t get a second to get nervous or think of backing out. Now I’m rocking this kick ass new piercing and I have a great Body Art studio to reccomend to you all!

Tribal didn’t ask me to write this review nor do they even know I’m doing it. I just had a great experience there and wanted to share. If you’ve had any work done at the studio let me know in the comments. 


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