Project Skinny Summer – My Takeaway Addiction

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In the past month my partner and I have spent over £130 on takeaway food. That’s only if you count the orders from Just Eat. If I go onto my Just Eat app right now there are 8 different orders from chip shops and Chinese takeaways. I know I’ve also ordered things from Pizza Hut and Dominoes this month. That probably boosts my takeaway spending to over £160.

I think it would be fair to say that I have a mild addiction to take away foods. I crave them all the time and feel like I have to force myself to eat a home cooked meal instead. I love cooking but I don’t get half as much enjoyment or comfort from something I’ve made myself than I do from the takeaway.

Constantly ordering takeaway foods might not be so much of a problem if I was able to order in moderation and pick slightly healthier options. Perhaps brown rice instead of white or mushy peas instead of chips. I don’t do this though.

I had a chippy (chip shop) tea last night and decided to estimate the calories for that one meal. Here is what my usual chippy order looks like:


I would split the food in this picture with my boyfriend. So that’s a quarter of a pizza smothered in batter and deep fried (welcome to Scotland!), half a portion of deep fried chips, half a haddock fried in bread crumbs, two pieces of chicken pakora and curry sauce to dip everything in. All together I (roughly) ate 1622 calories. That’s almost all of my daily calorie allowance gone in one meal.

Is it worth it? No. After eating a meal like this I hate myself. I feel disgusting. Like my entire body is covered in a layer of grease that I can’t wash off. I’ve attempted to make myself sick after a meal like this on a couple of occasions and I’m totally consumed with guilt when I’m done. The satisfaction of a takeaway meal only last as long as I’m eating it. After that its a nightmare.

Project Skinny Summer isn’t just about losing weight. It’s also about getting myself out of some pretty terrible eating habits. I’m determined to be healthy and feel good about myself. Binging on less takeaways is one of the ways I plan to do this.


7 thoughts on “Project Skinny Summer – My Takeaway Addiction

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  1. Good luck! It’s always good to eat less takeaways. I’m in the minority as I only have one takeaway or meal out each month – but it saves SO much money! Look forward to seeing how you get on 🙂

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  2. Hey, after you followed me on twitter I had a look at your blog and I’m actually a bit concerned reading this post. Your issue sounds so much like a friend of mine being diagnosed with a servere eating disorder. I know we live in a society that normalises an unhealthy relationship with food but craving take away so badly and the urge of getting rid of it immediately after having it is nothing to be normalised. I just leave this here in case you want to talk with someone:

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    1. Woah where does it look like I was normalising it?! I was definitely condemning my actions when it comes to take aways. I know fine well that my relationship with food isn’t the best – hence my efforts to fix that.

      Thanks for sharing the link.


  3. Good for you for trying to develop a healthier relationship with food. I’ll be quietly cheering for you all summer. When do you think you’ll be blogging about this again?

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