Stobo Castle Hotel & Spa – Food 

If you've read my previous post then you know that my boyfriend and I recently spent the night at the luxurious hotel and spa Stobo Castle. Whilst there we had dinner, breakfast and lunch. I took pictures of everything I ate and I'm here to share those pictures with you now. I know that people of my generation get made fun of for taking pictures of their food but honestly I love it. I love seeing what people have eaten. I've no idea why!

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum – My Top Picks

In my opinion the exhibits are more interesting than those found in The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh but the Kelvingrove isn't as well looked after. The interactive exhibits were broken when I arrived, I noticed lots of empty displays and things like peeling labels gave the place a bit of a run down feel. I took some pictures of the displays I found most interesting and thought I'd share them here.